About All Fruit

All Fruit INC is a small start-up business in Peabody, MA started so we could share our love of dried fruit with family, friends and anyone who is looking for an alternative health snack. We believe U-FRUIT is a good product because it is simple in nature. The packaging allows for the product to travel easily. It can be taken and eat’n anywhere; hiking, camping, the car, the beach, the movies, school backpacks, eat it on the golf course, the list can go on. ALL the product is available as a single serving in a resealable bag, see nutrition info listed with each mix.

pearmondWe are pairing together different dried fruits and nuts to make savory, sweet, sticky, chewy, nutty, fruit-e tasting healthy snacks. The only preservatives being used here would be the natural sugars from the fruit itself. Sugar can act as a preservative in high concentrations. All the fruit is peeled, cored and dried on site. Nothing is added to the dehydration process.

There are currently eleven developed mixes that are being produced.  All product shipments will occur twice a week. Tuesday and Friday are the designated ship days for orders placed online.

Upon arrival please store your product in a cool dry place, if you aren’t tempted to eat it all at the time. As always remember to stay hydrated when eating anything dehydrated, so water-up.

Comments will be welcome and can be sent via the contact section of this website. We are always looking for new possible mouth exploding tastes so bring it on. Through the course of the year there will be some seasonal mixes introduced as they come out of R&D. We hope you enjoy the product as much as we do.

Bill & Anne C.

Apple Strudel